DMH Web Design is a dynamic web design business that was formed in March 2011 to address the growing demand for affordable and professional web development services by individuals and small businesses. We provide our clients with an affordable alternative to the high costs associated with large web design firms while still maintaining the same level of high quality professional services coupled with excellent customer service.

We are flexible enough to adapt to changes in customer needs and market trends and always undertake each project with the same level of professionalism and high quality of service regardless of the scope of the project.


DMH Web Design is owned and managed by Mr. Denis Henry, who also functions as the business's web designer and programmer. Mr. Henry has three and a half years of managerial experience as well as over three years of web development experience.


At DMH Web Design we offer a complete range of web development services. However, there are times when a project calls for services that are beyond what we offer, such as detailed graphic designs, professional photography and video editing services. To complete such projects, we occasionally collaborate with a few handpicked businesses and individuals that specialise in the fields of graphic design, photography and videography. These entities share the same standards and quality of service as we do, so you can rest assured that they will handle your project with the same level of professionalism that you can expect from us.