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It is a common misconception that mobile web users are always "on the go". This is simply not true. In fact, according to Google statistics, only 17% of searches happen while on the go, while 77% of mobile searches happen while at home. This fact alone is reason enough for any business to seriously consider investing in a mobile version of their current website. But re-designing your current desktop version website to fit responsive web design standards may not always be feasible or cost effective. This is where designing a separate mobile version of your website becomes your ideal option.

Having a separate mobile website means that this website is detached from the desktop version of the website. You will essentially have two websites each with its own URL that will direct the user to the correct version depending on whether they are accessing your website on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. Mobile websites are designed to eliminate elements of a website that use a lot of bandwidth (large images, Flash animations, JavaScript, etc) and as such are stripped down to convey only the essential aspects of your business. This can allow for a better user experience for your mobile users and also allow you the ability to relate to specific aspects of your business.

We offer mobile website design packages on the premise that you already have an existing website, domain name and website hosting service available. Packages are based on the type and amount of content to be added from your current website.

Our Mobile Website Packages start at $2500.00 TTD

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