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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media has changed the way people connect, discover, and share information. Having a strong social media presence on the internet is an ideal way for a business to reach more customers. Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that uses social media networks to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers by encouraging your followers to share your content with their social networks. Simply put, it is word of mouth marketing driven by technology. It is an ongoing form of online marketing that requires actively and regularly interacting with your followers. It is the most time consuming of all the online marketing techniques. The four heavyweights in the world of social media marketing are Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an online marketing technique designed to attract and retain customers by consistently and accurately delivering relevant and valuable information to them, for the purpose of driving profitable customer action. It's objective is to inform and educate a specific group of customers about topics which are of interest to them, with the intention of changing how they think about the topics. It is a non-interruptive way of communicating with your customers without directly selling to them. Instead you are making them more knowledgeable. It is also heavily dependent on owning the content that you deliver to your customers.

In essence a good content marketing strategy engages, informs, educates and changes customer behaviour with the intent that they ultimately reward you with their business. It is a continuous process that is best implemented along with other marketing strategies.

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